The Greatest Blog Post Ever Written

Yes. This is the greatest blog post ever written by … me.

Why such as BOLD CLAIM?

This is my first blog post in more than four years. Do you know how difficult it is to write text on a blank page? I have had my share of staring at a blipping cursor on a screen as if it’s telling me, “Well, get on with it already!” Only to close the screen and hope to write someday.

The first step is always the hardest to take. In my case, the first word is the hardest to type. Not that I do not have anything to say. With 41 years under my belt and a boatload of experience under my name, I do not have a shortage of thought or opinion. It’s just that, well, I don’t know where to begin. It feels like an entire damn of ideas wants to fit inside a small 8oz Coke bottle. What to say first? Where do I begin? Does it even sound right? Blah. Blah. Blah.

Sometimes, your mind goes way ahead that your fingers freeze up from typing. And then you give up.

Sometimes, you start typing and your brain starts checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling. And then you’re stuck with a few words thinking if it does make any sense. And then you give up.

Most writers say that you should just start writing and do the editing later. I believe that’s true. The flow of words should be first priority. Then again, the “editing” side of the brain pokes at you from time to time. Maybe I need to put him in a box somewhere so can leave me in peace as I write.

As you read this, you are celebrating with me. This is my greatest accomplishment in writing so far. Putting words on a page for the world to see is no small feat. Sure. Technology makes things easier for us to publish our thoughts. A few keystrokes. Click on Publish. And your words are now part of the internet.

But these are just tools. WordPress. Spellcheckers. Grammar apps. All tools.

Yet the though behind ever word, phrase, or sentence takes considerable brain power. That is no small feat.

On this page, you will be reading many things. One day, it can be about an inspiring real-life story. In another, it can be an article that will bring hope and insight. Other times, it can be an opinion that you may or may not agree on. Nevertheless, I aspire to return the time you used to read this blog with seeds to make your life better. A worthy use of internet space, I may say.

So the journey begins for you and I. We may have different roads to trek. But our destination is the same – to be the best versions of ourselves.

This is the greatest blog post ever written in my humble opinion. My first step towards the best version of myself. To be honest, it feels good. Such a rush to finally see my words on a page written by my 41 year old self.

I will do this again for sure. Step we come.

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