My First Post in 2018

I wanted to do a video blog as part of my first post in 2018.

But my voice conked out. Yes! I can’t really shout “HAPPY NEW YEAR” because I don’t have a voice to begin with.

Early Sunday morning, my voice started sounding very coarse. Woke up a few hours later and it’s practically gone.

Thank God, I was able to preach an audible sermon (and then my voice went back to coarse). Talk about a miracle.

And so we’re back to the basics. A readable blog post. Old school, of sorts.

But nothing will stop me from doing a post. Nothing.

It’s been a tiring few weeks with different church activities, personal commitments, and things in between. Maybe my body just clocked out for a while and my current voice status is the result. So no talking for a while.

I don’t really have much of a topic to talk about for this post. Perhaps, it is just me gearing up to a whole year of blogging. Be it on text or on photo or via video, I am determined to blog.

And by blog mean not rant.

I hope to produce not just meaningful content but life-changing content. Content that can help you reach one more day. Content that can spark an idea. Content that can change your life for the better.

I’m not God nor will I claim to be. I do not have all the answers to your questions and I don’t have with mine.

But I will do what I can to help you get to a better version of yourself this 2018.

Now, as I help motivate you, will you return the favor?

Will you help get my content spread around?

Will you help in reposting, in liking, and in sharing?

A few clicks will make a difference.

The more we share, the more I get to help people around the world.

And the more your share, the more I am motivated to create meaningful and life-changing content.

So this isn’t just a new years resolution.

It’s a commitment.

Get ready for your breakthrough this 2018.

God bless you!

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