Seven Day Challenge: Day One

AT LAST, I have decided to do something.

For quite some time, I have been planning to go back to blogging; to write my thoughts about my life, my ministry, the revelations and personal lessons, and everything in between. And when I mean “quite some time,” it is more like “months ago.”

It happens. When you have a lot of things to do that has more priority, you do them first and leave the rest behind. You become busy.

There goes that word again – BUSY.

Then you want to do some things that are not a real priority but are fun to do. But you can’t do them because you would instead use the time you can spare to either make more money or do other priorities in advance. Sometimes, you feel guilty just having fun.

Would you agree with me?

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My First Post in 2018

I wanted to do a video blog as part of my first post in 2018.

But my voice conked out. Yes! I can’t really shout “HAPPY NEW YEAR” because I don’t have a voice to begin with.

Early Sunday morning, my voice started sounding very coarse. Woke up a few hours later and it’s practically gone.

Thank God, I was able to preach an audible sermon (and then my voice went back to coarse). Talk about a miracle.

And so we’re back to the basics. A readable blog post. Old school, of sorts.

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